Professional Background

My Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology was from the University of British Columbia. I worked as a Psychologist at Vancouver General Hospital, first on an inpatient psychiatry ward and then as the Coordinator of the Outpatient Psychiatry Program. In 2004, I was appointed as the Director of the Clinical Psychology Centre (CPC) at Simon Fraser University, which is a training clinic for graduate students in clinical psychology. Over the following 11 years as the CPC administrator, I supervised students as they learned to provide psychological services, and taught graduate courses on psychological treatment. When I retired from SFU at the end of August 2015, I was an Associate Professor of Clinical Practice.

Throughout my years of public sector employment, I have maintained a part time private practice. Psychotherapy is for me the most fulfilling and meaningful of all professional activities. My current full-time private practice makes psychotherapy the focus of my working life.

At the University of British Columbia, I am a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry. I’m a longstanding member of the Department of Psychiatry’s Psychotherapy Program Committee, which oversees psychotherapy training for residents in psychiatry. I continue to teach seminars in that aspect of postgraduate education. It has been a privilege in my career to participate in the psychotherapy training of both future psychologists and future psychiatrists. With colleagues in the UBC Department of Psychiatry, I’ve also participated in research into the treatment of Complicated Grief. I’m a co-author of a book and a number of articles on this condition.

Professional Standards

As a registrant with the College of Psychologists of BC, I follow its Code of Conduct and ethical standards such as the Canadian Psychological Association’s Code of Ethics, governing all aspects of professional practice. I participate in continuing education activities. Over the course of my career, I’ve shown commitment to continuing education by providing a number of presentations and workshops for professional colleagues and students, and by arranging many continuing education events for other presenters.