• I have a reputation for being kind, respectful, and perceptive.
  • I am strongly committed to therapeutic work, even in the face of problems that seem stuck.
  • I help people to develop psychological resourcefulness and flexibility.
  • I work carefully to gain a clear picture of obstacles to self-respect, so that self-respect can be improved.
  • Thoughts, feelings, behaviour and living circumstances are always important to talk about in detail.
  • Most of the therapy I do is about present problems rather than the past.
  • However, events in the past may still be experienced in the present and need to be considered in therapy.
  • I am mostly an exploratory rather than a directive therapist.
  • That said, if someone is making what I consider a mistake I will say so.
  • With some psychological conditions and states, I may recommend steps to take, such as written self-monitoring between sessions.


 I see adults individually in 50 minute sessions.

Psychotherapy can help with many problems, including:

  • Depression, anxiety, fears, difficulty with daily stress at home or work or in school.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Painful personal experiences, past or present, which may include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, or other traumatic events.
  • Decreases in concentration, memory, daily functioning, ability to make decisions, and ability to feel pleasure or happiness. Together with these changes, there may be mood disturbances such as severe sadness, with or without suicidal thinking and impulses, and changes in sleep and appetite.
  • Loss experiences such as grief, divorce, career disruption, and the loss of expectations of future good health for oneself or a family member.
  • Transitions such as retirement, career change, new household arrangements, or the departures of growing children.
  • Patterns of worrying that are hard to interrupt and may seriously affect daily life. These may occur alongside frequent self-checking, reassurance seeking, difficulty with tolerating uncertainty, regret and fear of future regret, and problems with making decisions.
  • Problems in living with the symptoms of a variety of physical conditions and medical illnesses. These may include chronic pain, cancers, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, concussions, stroke, or other conditions.